Requiring a stage for a graduation ceremony, The NSW Sheriff’s office contacted Stage & Sound Australia after researching the various staging products on the market. Whilst presenting a clean, neat and tidy stage was important, the priority was that the stage have little to no movement and a solid marching sound, with up to 30 graduates marching up one side, across the stage and down the other. They had used other suppliers with varying versions of aluminium staging, and whilst some were sturdy, they had noisy locking mechanisms and others just didn’t feel or sound right.

How we helped

Being a regular event the customer was keen to find a supplier they could call at the drop of a hat knowing exactly what they needed. The delivery/set up & pack down timeframe was very short. By nature security is extremely high and the distance from the loading dock to the event area is significant with many obstacles, narrow corridors, elevators and secured doors. Although we were ready on time it was tight and our staff saw it as a potential problem in the future. Always looking at ways to improve we made a trolley specifically designed to carry more stage modules as well as fit through tight spaces. We have also marked this clients file to always have a minimum of two men. The customer was wrapped at our dedication to not just deliver but re-evaluate on how we could improve even when they were already completely happy with our product and service.

The Result

The customer was delighted with the all steel framed stage, they particularly liked that there were no moving parts and are in smaller individual modules reducing movement and making delivery a little easier.

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