Speaker Stand
$11.00 each

Gas assisted speaker stands. Easily raises and lowers speakers with no effort from the user.


15″ Two-Way Multipurpose. A great party or foldback speaker that is user and device friendly with inbuilt Bluetooth options available.

Battery Powered Speaker

Wharfedale EZGO Battery Powered Speaker. An innovative portable PA solution that is ideal for announcements, presentations, entertainment applications and comes complete with an inbuilt wireless microphone system.


Yamaha GA 32 – 2

12 Aux Concert Mixer

Yamaha 5 Channel Mixer

Yamaha 5 channel, 4 mic / 1 Stereo / 1 Aux Mixer. Reverb / Delay model available on request.

Stanton RM 406

4 Channel DJ Mixer

Soundcraft Ui16

A complete digital mixing system with built in Wi-Fi that has the ability to be controlled by any connected device simply via a standard web browser.

Soundcraft Signature 12

A high-performance 12-input small format analogue mixer with onboard effects.

Soundcraft 24 Channel Mixer

Soundcraft 24 Channel, 4 Group, 5 Aux Mixer

Soundcraft 16 Channel Mixer

Soundcraft FX16ii Mixer, 4 Aux, Built-in Lexicon FX


600w 18/10/1 Speaker hire. Passive – Amp Required.

American DJ 4 Channel DJ Mixer

Soundcraft 24 Channel, 4 Group, 5 Aux Mixer

Power Supply

Petrol Powered Generator 3.5 KVA

2800 watt 67db