When stability is paramount for filming quality, Stage and Sounds media risers provide the vantage point and rock solid platform needed for Optimal filming results.

Stage and Sounds Steel Modular Media / Camera Risers gives you the flexibility to cater for multi-level platforms in any 1.2MW x 1.2MD increments. The modular frames are all steel with braced timber tops. The weight of heavy production equipment and cameras is no challenge. Reduced movement making them the perfect HD camera riser solution.

Our legs come in varying height and custom heights are no big deal, making building into existing grandstands a breeze. Our handrail system keeps cameramen safe and the public away.

We’re Flexible

Flexible with design, budget, delivery & collection arrangements. We do what we can to get your business and ensure you never have to look elsewhere again.

We’re Reliable

Insured, Engineer certified & Australian made. We meet all the regulatory requirements and provide a good looking quality product. Upon booking we provide you with a mobile number for use 24 x 7 during your hire.