Tenpin city contacted us in relation to a grandstand for an ongoing international bowling competition. The available space was limited & being televised worldwide the Director stressed it had to look good, and that previous grandstands sourced were rather unsightly.

How we helped

They liked the look of our grandstand, it was just a question of accommodating the number of people expected, in the limited space available, all while ensuring optimum viewing. We popped in for a site inspection, had a chat and did some measurements. With the experience of our team and the modular design of our platforms we were able to build a grandstand to fit their space with a few minor custom adjustments.

The Result

The customer is wrapped knowing she can rely on a grandstand being delivered that is safe, suites her specific needs and looks great. They now happily use us for their annual darts and billiard tournaments as well.

Thank you WEW team for your services. From the first call your crew looked after us. Customising something to suit our centres requirements and smart design.

Great team to work with, looking forward to having your product in our centres next event.

— Annette