Seven years running we have been the proud suppliers, installers & operators of the sound & lighting for the Lifesavers with Pride Mardi Gras float. Our return customers are precious and what better way to show appreciation for their repeat business than to commit to continual improvement. Our promise to you!

How we helped

It’s nice to have repeat business right? But what value add can we offer these golden customers ? A promise to never rest on our laurels, to commit to continual improvement & to treat each and every event as unique. It really isn’t a matter of how we helped but rather how we help each other. We want their business and they can trust that we will deliver. Everyone is happy !

Flexibility is key when preparing a float for a parade. There are many variables to consider. A moving vehicle, weather, power, installing and dismantling within close proximity of the parade start and end points. With a great customer and supplier relationship and post event analysis, Mardi gras is an event we look forward to improving year after year.

The Result

The 2017 parade posed its own set of challenges. Raining on & off throughout the day & heavy showers forecast that evening it wasn’t a matter of if we go ahead, but rather how make it happen? With good communication, some fast thinking, and raiding ones camping gear we hashed a plan for a quick release cover and ropes to pull in the expensive audio and lighting equipment within seconds. The parade went on without a drop (but a good backup plan) and everyone invoiced had a great night!

The Lifesavers with Pride have been entering a float in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras since 2007. With this comes our requirement for enough lights and sound to cover 100 marchers walking behind our truck, about 50 meters worth. We have been using Stage & Sound Australia as our audio and lights supplier and installer since 2011, and they have proven to be not only reliable and good value, but an excellent source of knowledge and advice.

As a group of lifesavers, our proficiencies lay outside the electronic world so we rely on the advice and support of the Stage & Sound Australia team. They provide sensible and honest advise up front, explain their equipment and systems without technical jargon, understand our requirements as they adjust from year to year, and adjust their schedule to fit in with our requirement on the day.

They provide excellent service on both setting up prior to our event and during the deconstruction at the end of the night, as well as providing excellent service on site throughout our parade event. Plus they are just a bunch of nice guys.

We would not hesitate in recommending them to others, and if you plan to use them on Mardi Gras night, remember that we were here first!

Gary and Wayne and the Lifesavers with Pride committee